Unlock Code – Free Unlock Code for all Android and iPhones on AT&T Network

Free Unlock Code for all Android and iPhones on AT&T Network can be availed from a different sources, Like If you have a purchased android smartphone or AT&T iPhone which is locked and you’re unable to use it on other service providers?

A couple of years ago, whether it was an android phone or an iPhone device, it wasn’t easy to unlock it. But at that time it is so much easier to unlock your device. Now if you have an AT & T cell phone in your hands including Android or iPhone it is pretty easy to have it unlocked straight from the official website even if you’re not an active or former customer.

In order to unlock your phone to another network, you will require an unlock code, sometimes called a Remote unlock code. Most devices design accordingly to accept an unlock code set by the carrier. 

These codes are particularly according to your phone’S IMEI number. Once you enter the AT&T unlock code in your device, your phone will be released and you are free to use it on other service providers. But how to do it and should you meet the requirements or not, this article is all about free unlock code for all android and iPhones on the AT&T network.

To have your device unlocked from AT&T, it must have to comply with their requirements. If your device does not comply with requirements, don’t waste your time as AT&T will not approve your unlock code request. Here are the requirements..

  • Your device must be from the AT&T network, it should not be from other network providers.
  • The phone’s installment plans and commitments, bills and all early fees should be paid in full.
  • It can’t be associated with fraudulent activity.
  • The device should not be active on different AT&T customer’s accounts.

And if your device meets all these requirements, then your device will be approved for unlocking. The best part is that if you don’t have to be an active or former AT&T customer to request unlock code mobilemiracle.io.

What is the Getting and UNlocking process for Android and iPhones on AT&T Network?

  1. first thing first, visit at&t website and navigate to device unlock.
  2. Select unlock your device.
  3. There you have to enter IMEI of your smartphone by dialing *#06#.
  4. besides IMEI, fill out the information such as IMEI number, first name, last name and active email address.
  5. AT&T will send you an email asking to click on a link in order to confirm your unlock request. 
  6. If you don’t confirm this email, AT&T will cancel the unlock request within 24 hours.

Where and how to use Unlock code for All Android And iPhones?

Congrats!! If your device gets approved for unlocking, AT&T network will send a confirmation email informing that your device has been approved. After receiving unlocking code, be careful before entering it in your device. As after five unsuccessful attempts of incorrect code, your phone will be permanently locked to AT&T’s network. 

Here is unlocking step for android devices:

  1. Turn off your device, remove battery and insert another SIM network card.
  2. Turn on your device, you’ll see there notification of Enter your device unlock code
  3. Enter the unlock code.
  4. Press OK 

Keep in mind that while unlocking an iPhone, it is an easier process. You do not have to receive unlock code from AT&T, after you submit an unlock request for the iPhone, your iPhone gets unlocked remotely from Apple.

How to Get Free Unlock Code For All Android and iPhone using mobilemiracle.io?

  1. Visit: https://mobilemiracle.io/
  2. here you will see there are multiple steps to be performed.
  3. First of all you need to choose the manufacturer.
  4. Then choose the state, network and model.
  5. After submitting the information, we will take 2-3 hours to unlock your device.