Free AT&T Unlock Guide

In this latest update to our Free AT&T Unlocking system, you can get any USA AT&T device unlocked for free. This is an online service and all you need to enter is 15 digit IMEI number of your device and your email address.

Free AT&T Unlock Order

Go to the free AT&T unlocking page:
Select the Manufacturer, Country, Network and Model will be auto selected: USA/AT&T/All Models
Note: This service will network unlock all iPhone and Android devices
Click “Unlock Now” to submit service details

Enter your 15 digit device IMEI number and eMail address. This is where you will receive all notifications regarding your Free Unlock order and click “Unlock Now” button. You will receive email confirmation about your order.

Our system will check the IMEI number of your device to ensure that the device is locked to AT&T network and the account status is CLEAN.  You can also check the status of your device IMEI network status by clicking here:

Our system will check the IMEI number of your device to ensure that the device is locked to AT&T network and the account status is CLEAN.  You can also check the status of your device IMEI network status by clicking here:

Your IMEI is then submitted to an automated system for unlocking. You will receive email update with your unlock code

Android devices will receive and unlock code. Apple devices will receive a message of “Unlock Code: Unlocked”. Follow the instructions on this page to complete the unlock process on your end:

There are times that the status of your order may show success but there could be other reasons why your order would be failed. The reason will be displayed in the “Unlock Code” box. Here are few possible reasons and what they mean:

Unlock Code: Device Status: Denied (Stolen)
– This means that you may have purchased a used device and the original owner has reported it stolen. The Free AT&T unlocking will NOT unlock this device.

Unlock Code: Denied (Prepaid)
– Prepaid devices for AT&T are not unlocked using the free service. AT&T GoPhone or other prepaid networks are not unlocked using free service

Unlock Code: Denied (Looks like the device you want to unlock is active on another AT&T account)
– If your phone is not the primary subscriber to AT&T network, then the original device will need to be unlocked first. Unlock the IMEI number of the primary device on your account and then you can unlock the sub-accounts

Unlock Code: Denied (Looks like the IMEI number you entered does not match an AT&T device)
– Device IMEI that you entered to unlock in the free service is not on the AT&T network. This could be because the device is already unlocked or locked to another network. Note that the free service will NOT unlock devices on AT&T network of non US countries. eg: Mexico AT&T device will NOT be unlocked in the free service

Unlock Code: Denied (Looks like you haven’t paid off your device instalment)
– Your device is still under contract with AT&T and as such cannot be unlocked using the Free AT&T unlocking service. You will need to use paid service to unlock this device

Unlock Code: Device Status: Denied (IMEI submitted too many times)
– You may have previously placed this order multiple times with another service or with us and was rejected. Submitting your IMEI for unlock again in free service will not unlock your device. If you want to guarantee unlock for your device, place an order with our guaranteed IMEI unlocking service

Unlock Code: Denied (IMEI Limit, please resubmit after 24 hours)
– The free AT&T unlock service has a daily limit of number of devices that can be unlocked using this service. We use direct service from AT&T for this purpose. However, if this limit is reached in the 24 hour period, you may receive this message. We will however reattempt to unlock it again after 24 hours. You can view your status order here for updates:

– If you bought a device with GoPhone AT&T network, most of them have a 6 month commitment period. Free service will not unlock this device during the contract term. Free service will only unlock these devices after your contract.

Unlock Code: Non_At&t
– Sometimes it so happens that even if your device is locked with AT&T, it will show the Unlock Code as Non_At&t. This mostly happens with Samsung devices. With each free order for unlocking, we run a network check report. Even this report will show that the device is locked to AT&T. The network check report and attempt to unlock is a revert back directly from AT&T to us. Any further attempts to unlock this for FREE will return same status. Only solution is to get this device unlocked is by using the paid service(link given below). This service is guaranteed and permanent.

Unlock Code: Device Status: 7294297386 OR
Unlock Code: Device Status: Unlocked
– If you receive an “Unlock Code” for your device, it means that your device is an AT&T locked android device
– If you receive an message “Unlocked”, it means that your iPhone device is now unlocked from your AT&T network and you can now follow instructions on your end to finish the unlocking process as on this page:

If your device has failed to unlock in our Free AT&T Unlock service for any reason, you can still get a guaranteed unlock in the fastest time possible and at lowest cost using our Paid Network Unlocking Services here: