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Unlock AT&T iPhone: Carrier locks can be difficult to deal with when you choose to use the services of another carrier, especially if a better deal is provided to you by that carrier.

Like other carriers do, AT&T introduces a lock that keeps customers locked into the network so that they do not benefit from telephone agreements. Unfortunately, this also leaves honest customers who have completed their contracts stuck on the same network and need to find out how to unlock the AT&T iPhone if they want to leave.

You may have learned about opening an iPhone or breaking an iPhone carrier lock. This means that you take an iPhone that is locked into a single carrier and unlock it so that it can also be used by other carriers. It is helpful to activate the AT&T iPhone as you will then have wider access.

Doing so also has a phone called a SIM-free or contract-free phone. That basically sums it up because the unlocking of the AT&T iPhone can be liberating.

Unlock AT&T iPhone

However, without a ranking, the process for unlocking the AT&T iPhone can get a little confusing or even end up on your iPhone. As such, this article makes this process easy for you by detailing how AT&T iPhone can be unlocked by AT&T and without a SIM card.

Why Should You Unlock an AT&T iPhone?

First of all, what are the main reasons users are trying to unlock the AT&T iPhone?

Please connect to some other network. The main thing is that after unlocking, you can connect your iPhone to any other network you want.

Choose your mobile services from other providers. From above, you can also choose from a wider variety of plans that other carriers market. In most situations, you might also get a better charge than you had before.

Selling an iPhone is better than that. Carrier locks are an unappealing selling point, so if you’re trying to get rid of an outdated iPhone, it’s easier to sell if the lock is disabled.

Requirements to Unlock

If you want to make that choice and activate the AT&T iPhone through the carrier, there are many requirements to do so. The requirements are as follows:

Your phone must be connected to the AT&T network already.

The iPhone isn’t meant to be on a blacklist (e.g. reported as stolen)

Your iPhone should be in your own AT&T account.

All charges on your phone plan must be paid

If the contract is not completed, early withdrawal costs must be charged.

Method #1 – Submit Unlock Request

The first strategy is to submit a carrier unlock request that you can make online and that is as simple as typing out a short form.

  1. Go to the AT&T Device Unlock page and press the Unlock Device button.
  2. At to unlock
  3. Enter your phone number and check that you are able to unlock.
  4. Please complete the rest of the form.
  5. You will then receive a confirmation email and you will need to click the link to complete your order.

Call AT&T or start an online chat:

The other way you can unlock an iPhone from AT&T is by calling their customer service/opening an online chat and demanding to unlock it by simply asking the support operator

During this time, you may be asked to confirm certain account information and you may even have to pay an interest charge.

After answering some questions, the service provider will submit the request on your behalf and the unlocking process will begin. If you have any questions about unlocking, now will be the best time to ask them!

Note that in some cases you may have denied your request due to ineligibility or other problems, in which case you may receive another email from AT&T asking you to provide more details before unlocking.

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