Sim Unlock – SIM Unlock any device on AT&T Network at no cost

Sim Unlock on AT&T Network: SIM lock is a feature that exists in almost all mobile phones by GSM manufacturers and people. This feature is used to restrict the use of phones in certain countries and specific network providers.

So sim lock ensured that your son will not work outside of its GSM network coverage. It means when you buy a GSM device at a low price along with a particular network the operators set the target to get back before you leave the service. That is why almost all networks implement SiM lock on your mobile phone. 

Many people smartly encrypt their SIM cards with a PIN number because this protects intruders from using your SIM card on their own phone; they can browse through your contacts and essentially steal your cellular and/or data service. 

However, there are inevitable times where you forget your PIN number, or your SIM card simply doesn’t respond. Luckily, in such cases, AT&T will provide you with a PIN unlock for your SIM card and allow you to use your phone with full functionality again.

In order to make use of that locked device, an unlock code is a function that is entered in a locked mobile phone. This unlock code will deactivate the SIM lock and allow you to use the mobile on other GSM networks. 

SIM Unlock on AT&T

In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can Unlock SIM on AT&T networks free of cost. 

Let’s Get started

How to Get an Unlock Code Online?

Step 1

First of all you need to set up an AT&T account, or login into your existing one if you’ve. Setting up your account for the first time, you will need to fill out some information such as phone number, address and last four digits of your social security number.

Step 2

To receive the unlock code for your SIM, navigate to “My Service” option of your account. After clicking on “Unlock SIM card” the PIN unlock code will appear.

Step 3

Enter the PUK code of your phone in the SIM setting. 

How to Get a Free Code for SIM Unlock ON AT&T?

AT&T phones that loved the carrier’s network, so if you try to use another carrier’s SIM card in an AT & T cell phone, the device will notify you of an unlock code. The unlock code is based on the IMEI serial number. You can also get the code from third-party free SIM unlocking services such as free of cost. 

In addition, AT&T will give you the unlock code as long as the carrier has the code. If your account meets AT&T criteria then you can follow up with a given step.

Step 1

Dial *#06# on your phone to get the IMEI number.

Step 2

You can also contact AT & T customer support.

Step 3

Choose the option to speak with customer care

Step 4

Validate your account with the customer care operator. THe agne may ask you to supply a new password on your account.

Finally give them an IMEI number, the agent will provide the unlock code free of cost.


As you see that, the unlocking process of Samsung SIM Unlock on AT&T is absolutely free of cost and simple. once if your device gets approved for unlocking. AT&T will send you a confirmation email informing you that your device has been unlocked. This email relatively contacts the unlock code and instructions, Be careful while attempting code. If you attempt an incorrect code five times. your phone will get permanently locked to AT&T Network.