Not AT&T Error for Free Unlock

The intent of this blog is to clarify an error that some customer get with free AT&T unlock order. For every free unlock order we receive, our system runs a network check on the IMEI #. If your device is indeed locked to AT&T network, we submit to AT&T unlocking servers. During network check, your device shows its locked to AT&T as indicated in picture below. Carrier shows as “Usa At&t” which is correct.

Why unlock status shows “Success” and Unlock Code shows: “Not AT&T”
If you purchased your iPhone or Android device within last 30 days or you did not activate your device with AT&T after purchase, you will see this message in our “Free Unlocking” service. This also applies if you have recently upgraded your phone on AT&T network. In such cases, only premium service will work to unlock your device which you can do here:
Use the appropriate Make\Model\Network and your device will be unlocked within the specified timeframe