Can a device be used with another network if its IMEI is blocked by current network?

If a device’s IMEI is blocked by a mobile network, it means that the device is not allowed to be used on that network. This can happen if the device has been reported lost or stolen, or if there is some other issue with the device or the account associated with it.

In general, a device with a blocked IMEI will not be able to be used on any mobile network, as the IMEI is used to identify the device on the network. However, it is possible to request that the block be removed by submitting the IMEI number of the device to the mobile network and requesting that the block be removed. If the block is successfully removed, the device may be able to be used on the network again.

It’s important to note that even if the IMEI block is successfully removed, the device may still be subject to other types of locks, such as a SIM lock or a carrier lock. In order to use the device with a different carrier or with a different SIM card, these locks may need to be removed as well.