How to get Free AT&T Unlock Code

 Is your iPhone or Android phone AT&T locked and you are struggling to unlock your AT&T? Then you are at right place. This article is written for you to help you in AT&T unlock for free and quickly.

Free AT&T Unlock Code

How to check if your AT&T is unlocked:

You can check if your device is unlocked by following

  • Go to
  • From options, select Unlock device
  • Read terms of service and check eligibility criteria.
  • Fill the form
  • You are done wait for confirmation email.

Alternatively you can check IMEI Status of your device by visiting the Check IMEI Service page.  From this page, you can get information about network, blocked/blacklisted status and warranty information.  There is also a section to check for iPhone iCloud status check.

How to get Free IMEI AT&T Unlock Code:

Finding Free IMEI AT&T Unlock code isn’t a big problem anymore. Unlocking your AT&T is as easy as to just enter an AT&T unlock code. You can use our free AT&T unlocking service through which you can unlock your device quickly. There are also various ways to unlock your AT&T devices. The process is very simple for all before you proceed you must ensure that your device is locked. If your phone is locked then follow the process described below to place a free order from us to get free AT&T unlock code. By using our free service we provide you unlock code that will be used to unlock your AT&T network. As compared to other scam services we have provided free service which works well enough to unlock your device. Moreover, our money back guarantee makes us more legit if you want to use our premium services.

How to choose the best unlocking service:

There are various online unlocking services available who purchase AT&T unlock codes from the network provider and sell them to people. Be careful while choosing the Free AT&T Unlock service because not all of them work efficiently. In fact, you can be a victim of a scam, so consider doing some research before choosing AT&T unlock code service.

Why Chose us for AT&T Unlock Code:

We provide free AT&T unlock code. This service is available for both IOS& Android device. Before using our service please make sure your device is status is clean and no more in the contract. In our free service success rate varies from 50% to 60% and processing time is slow too. Currently, we are the best AT&T unlock code provider in the market. We have provided sim unlocks for all countries and all manufacturer. We have mode AT&T unlock easier than before. You can also unlock your phone devices including LG, HTC and AT&T phones e.t.c. Our processing time is short and faster delivery in quick time. Our rates are lesser than others companies which makes us more reliable for AT&T unlocks and other devices.

Free vs Paid AT&AT Unlock code:

We provide Free & Paid both services to unlock AT&T. In Free service, we do not provide 1005 success rate. There are 50% to 60% chances of unlocking your AT&T sim. Processing time for free service is lesser than our paid service. In Free service we have limited attempt daily to unlock your AT&T sim, therefore success rate is lesser. If you want to unlock your device quickly with 100% guaranteed success, then consider using our paid service. In Paid service, we give 100% money back guarantee and faster access to your AT&T unlock code. There are very few online unlocking services which ensure 100% money back guaranteed. Just a friendly reminder, your phone status must be set to clean.

How to Place a Free order for AT&T unlock:

We have made it easier to place order. You can place order in a few simple steps:

  • Go to where you will find the whole process of placing order
  • In Manufacturer drop down menu select Non iPhone (Clean IMEI Only)
  • In the Country drop down menu select the United States as your country
  • In network box you will see AT&T
  • In the Model box, you will see ALL Models(Non iPhone)
  • Click on Unlock now and it will take you to order page
  • On order page, you will see Price set to free and delivery time to 1-4 days. It is our processing time for free service and we do our best to AT&T unlock as soon as possible
  • In input, your IMEI box enter your IMEI number. You can get IMEI of your device by dialing *#06#
  • Enter your email and solve the captcha
  • Click on Unlock now and you will see a message “Thanks Your Order has submitted and in Process. You will receive Unlock Code and Instruction within a specified time and your email address.

It takes 1-2 days and you will receive an email with Code. You have to enter that code to unlock the device. As already informed success rate is 50% in free service, therefore we do not completely ensure if it works for your device or not. You can use our paid service wit 100% money back guarantee for 100% success rate in cheaper rates as compared to other websites.