How to SIM Unlock Apple iPhone for Free


You can now unlock your Apple iPhone for Free for most popular network in USA. This will enable you to use your device with any GSM network in US or worldwide. Following type of devices qualify this this free unlock:

  • iPhone is locked with AT&T – In order to quality for free unlock, your Apple device should be locked to AT&T network in United States. If you purchased this device as used on eBay or from another marketplace and are unsure about what network its locked with, you can use this free tool to find out:
    Select “Service for” iPhone and “IMEI Service”: Apple iPhone SIM Lock + Carrier Check. Input your IMEI number and eMail address and you will be sent the report within few minutes
Easy SIM Unlock
Easy Sim Unlocker
  • Status should be CLEAN – To unlock your iPhone device for free, the device IMEI Status should be CLEAN. You can check status of your IMEI by using the tool in step 1
  • No previous submits – You are only allowed to submit 1 request per device every 3 days. However you can unlock unlimited number of devices at anytime using this tool

Submit request to unlock:

In order to unlock your iPhone use this tool to submit your unlock request.

Click on the “Unlock Now” button will redirect you to this page: Input your device IMEI number and email address and your request will be queued up for unlocking. Time to unlock usually takes about 3 to 4 hours. You will receive an email after your device has been unlocked. You will also be notified via SMS and WhatsApp if you so choose. Follow a few simple steps outlined in the email you receive and your iPhone will be unlocked for free.

Receive Unlock Notification

Notification you receive about your iPhone will be as follows:

Dear Customer:
Your unlock code has been successfully calculated as given below. We hope that you like our zero cost unlock code service and if so kindly rate us on Google Play Store Listing (Free SIM Unlock)   
IMEI No. : 3594930xxxxxxxx
Unlock Status : success 
Unlock Code : Unlocked 
Note: Even though your order status may show “Success”, there could be a chance that your order may not actually show the Unlock Code(for Android) or Status: “Unlocked”(for iPhone). Since the Free AT&T Unlock service only unlocks out of contract and clean IMEI’s. Your Unlock Code will give you some information about the failure reason. You can also view the Free AT&T Unlocking Guide here .

If your “Unlock Code” shows any errors etc., consult the “Free AT&T Unlocking Guide” for more information. It will explain what each of the reasons why your Free iPhone AT&T Unlock request may have been declined. In case your Unlock iPhone request for free is not processed, you can certainly use our paid service which will unlock ALL iPhones on any network, guaranteed. This service will unlock blocked, blacklisted and bills unpaid devices. You can order the paid service here:

Additionally you can order this service on our Free Android App on Google Play store here: